02/07/2018 As of today we only accept PayPal payments.(Subject to chance) But worry not since you can also checkout using your credit card 

27/06/2018 Contact Us page has been updated

07/06/2018 Our Review System is now in place and you can now review our products! We also imported reviews from our previous website exclusively to our "Customer Favorite" Collection

03/06/2018 New products in our Car Care collection . and Accessories Collection

23/05/2018 Thank you! As a thank you to our long term customers and the growth in popularity of our store. we will be giving away 25% discount codes + Free Shipping at any price for all our past Customers! Once Again Thank You!

12/05/2018 From now on Stripe is not an available option for check out . We always try to provide our customers with the best Payment Services to avoid any conflict. We have come to decide that Stripe just doesn't work for us. Sorry for the inconvenience! We always used PayPal as our main service simply because its as easy for the customer to pay as its for us to receive. Also, PayPal provides an amazing customer support. So as of 13/05/2018 stripe wont be available in our store. However, we will be adding new multiple Payment Services soon! More information about that soon

08/05/2018 Starting today Customer Support is now available on messenger as well! Contact us at

02/05/2018 Our Car Care Collection is now OFFICIALLY Live ! See more at

01/05/2018 We Officially Launched Our Social Media Accounts!

 Facebook: Instagram:

18/04/2018 The Site will be down for maintenance until 6:00PM EEST

04/04/2018 We now provide new customers with a Get-25%-off Coupon for EVERY first time purchase!

03/04/2018 We have Officially Relaunched our site for a better interface on both Desktop and Mobile! All previous News and announcements have been wiped since we are opening a new chapter in our brand!