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Car Bluetooth Aux Audio Receiver

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This Bluetooth receiver allows you to connect to your phone through Bluetooth and play your favorite tunes without having that annoying aux cord wire in the way. Also has a microphone which allows you to talk through Bluetooth instead of having to pick up your phone .


1.The farthest transmission distance of 10 meters (Bluetooth V4.1 + EDR, )

2. Support Bluetooth hands free call function

3. Support Bluetooth A2DP

4. Frequency: 2.4GHz

5. 3.5mm stereo input jack

6. Sleep mode, energy saving

7. Power: Use a mini USB cable to charge

8. Lasts for 6-8 Hours at full charge

Package Includes:

1. Bluetooth Adaptor

2. USB cable

3. 3.5 metal head

4.  Manual



1. Connect one end of the supplied USB cable to the mini-USB input connector of this Bluetooth adapter

2. Connect the other end of the USB cable to your computer, laptop, or USB power converter, and the LED light of the Bluetooth Adapter turns red to indicate that it is charging.

3. When the charge is over, the red LED will be extinguished, up to 8 hours of play time can be provided at full power

How To Pair:

1. Enter the pairing mode, press and hold the switch button for 5 seconds until the red and blue LED lights flash at the same time

2. Locate this Bluetooth music receiver on your phone or related transmitter

3. When the device is mated and the connection is successful, the Bluetooth music receiver's LED turns blue and blinks slowly

4. For some devices that require a pairing password, enter "0000"

5. Once the pairing is successful, the device can turn off the power and the next re-connection does not need to be reconfigured

If paired:

1. Boot: long press the switch button on the Bluetooth music receiver for 3 seconds until the LED turns blue and flashes to complete the boot

2. Shutdown: long press the switch button for 5 seconds, then red LED lights long, and then closed.

Note: Please read your transmitter or mobile phone manual carefully to find out how to use its Bluetooth wireless technology;

If you want to use this Bluetooth music receiver to connect to another phone or transmitter, you must re-pair.

Play music:

1. Connect the Bluetooth Adapter to your Car

2. Make sure that the transmitter (Bluetooth audio receiver, phone, or other related device) is turned on and paired with the Bluetooth music receiver and that the device is within 10m

3. At this time to play music, music will be wirelessly transmitted through Bluetooth to the Bluetooth music receiver

Note: If you can not listen to music:

a) Make sure your stereo system is connected to the Bluetooth music receiver

b) Check and make sure that your audio volume is not kept to a minimum or muted.

Hands-free calls:

1. When your phone defaults to a Bluetooth microphone, you can make a handsfree call with your own MIC when you have a phone call

2. When the phone calls, press the key once to answer the voice call

3. After the call is completed, automatically cut into the phone before the state

Indicator display:

1. pair or establish a connection: red and blue LED lights flash at the same time

2. A connection is successful and is playing: The blue LED flashes once every 3 seconds

3. Sleep mode: The blue LED flashes once every 5 seconds

4. Charging: red LED lights long

5. Charged and connected: The red LED light flashes slowly

Difficult to solve:

The connection of the Bluetooth music receiver is based on the completion of the pairing, and the connection interruption may be due to the following reasons:


Equipment swordsmen are more than 33 feet (10 meters) away, or there are other obstacles in the middle (eg walls, furniture, etc.)

One or both of them are closed, or it may be because there is no electricity

There is no connection within the specified time, the device is in sleep mode or the power is off. Turn off reopening the device and reconnect it by following these steps:


Reboot the music receiver and transmitter

Re-connect after the restart, pairing

Again to the music receiver and transmitter rushed to power 

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